Friday, March 25, 2011

"Vertical Song" Fashion Food Friday's

I am pretty excited for this particular post just because this is my 1st fashion food friday post. I want to try new things for my blog to keep it fresh and interesting for my readers. So, every friday I will try to post my personal fashion and a restaurant adventure. 

Shirt+Belt: Thrifted Jacket: Charlotte Ronson Short: Lucky Brand Undershirt+Necklace: Forever21
Hat+Bag+Bracelet: H&M Booties: Call it Spring Stockings: Target

Neighborhood: Park Slope 
295 5th Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11215


Shrimp Pad Thai and Pad See Yue

My favorite thai restaurant can be found in park slope on the corner of 5th avenue and 1st street. Song's interior can be best described as industrial. The dark gray walls, low watt bulbs, exposed bricks, and metalwork gives off so much character to this chic urban restaurant. The kitchen is exposed on the corner of the restaurant and I personally enjoy watching the chefs cook. 

Song, offers many flavorful dishes that is very budget friendly. A typical entree on average can cost about $7.50 and not to mention the portion is insanely huge. Customers will not be disappointed. The only downfall that they only accept cash. If you're planning to try this restaurant be sure to bring cash because cards will be rejected. Another note, this place can get extremely pack and they do not offer reservations. So, I would advise you to try it out during lunch or early dinner. 


photos courtesy of A.A + A.C.


  1. i love the hat and food looks really good

    Travel In Style

  2. You look divine!!! Love your style! BTW, your post is making my so hungry, looks so good!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog:)


  3. great pictures, really like your blog :)
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  4. Great fedora! Wow, that food looks so good. I'm a huge fan of Thai food!


  5. You look great Ahline! I need to take a trip to NY.. the food looks delish!! :)

  6. I have been CRAVING Thai! You are not making this any easier! haha Love the outfit, especially the bag! Great color.

    xx rk

  7. trang: thanks sweetie .. have u been to nyc? .. u should def. visit .. it's an amazing city

    rachel: thanks girl .. grats on your blog .. its doing so well :)

  8. All the food on your blog looks so scrumptious. I think this post seals the deal I'm definitely ordering thai food tonight.

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